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Arion Dairy Products was established in 2005 by Ronald Grootherder (managing director), Hans Kamp (manager food) and Joop Bos (financial manager). Our strategy continues to be to operate as a small and flat organisation, allowing us to react rapidly and effectively to developments and the needs of our customers, suppliers and markets.

Arion Dairy Products is a company with a no-nonsense culture. Our business partners describe us as reliable and to-the-point. That means we do everything we can to make your life easier as our customer or supplier.



Quality is our most important guiding principle at Arion Dairy Products. This is essential as we operate in branches where product safety and quality are key. This is why we make sure that our dairy ingredients comply with the EU’s stringent laws and regulations. Our HACCP-system and GMP+ certification demonstrates that the quality of our products is guaranteed. We work exclusively with suppliers and laboratories that have the same philosophy and aim for the highest standards.

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