Arion Melkproteinen concentraat - weiproteïne concentraat

Milk protein concentrate (MPC)

Milk protein concentrate (MPC) is made from fresh pasteurised skimmed milk. By a process of ultrafiltration, the milk protein is separated from the other components. The liquid concentrate is further concentrated and dried. MPC is available with a protein between 40 % and 85 % milk protein content.


In the animal feed industry milk protein concentrate is used in products such as pet food and pig feed and as an ingredient for milk substitutes for calves. In the food processing industry, MPC is used in the manufacture of, for example, baked products, sports nutritional products, energy bars, milk beverages and desserts.


You can buy milk protein concentrate (MPC) from us in  big bags, in bulk and in 25 kilo bags. Do you need a tailor-made solution, for example, different packaging or composition? Just let us know, and together we will find the right product for your needs.



In the animal feed and food processing industries, quality and product safety are central. The EU has strict legislation and rules for the quality and food safety of dairy ingredients. Arion Dairy Products has its HACCP system in place and is GMP+ certified, meaning we can guarantee the quality of our products. It goes without saying that our deliveries meet all international legal requirements. We only use the services of certified laboratories.


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For questions about milk protein concentrate, specifications or a quotation, you can contact us via or +31 24 3570460. If you prefer to visit us in person, we would be glad to make an appointment at our office address, Industrieweg 45 in Groesbeek in the Netherlands.

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