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Whey Powder

Whey powder is made from fresh whey, the liquid part that  remains after cheese making. This whey is pasteurised, concentrated and dried.


In the animal feed industry whey powder is used in pet food, pig feed and as an ingredient for milk substitutes for calves, amongst other uses. The product is used in the food processing industry for baked products, chocolate, milk beverages, ice cream, desserts, sauces and ready meals, etc.


If you want to order whey powder, you can do this from Arion Dairy Products in bulk, big bags and 25 kilo bags. There are many variants of the product available, including acid whey (made from casein), delactosed whey and demineralised whey. If desired, we can also supply a different composition or packaging.


In relation to quality and food safety of dairy ingredients, there is strict legislation and regulations in the European Union. That is certainly the case for the animal feed and food processing industries where product safety comes before anything. Thanks to its HACCP-system and GMP+ certification, Arion Dairy Products can always guarantee the quality of our products. Our products and working methods comply with international legal requirements and we only use the services of certified laboratories.

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If you want to know more about whey powder or would like to request a quotation, contact us via or +31 24 3570460. We would also be happy to meet you at our office address, Industrieweg 45 in Groesbeek in the Netherlands.

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