Storage and transhipment

For the storage and transhipment as well as the packaging of powdered dairy products, we make use of reputable partners who are specialised in dairy in powdered form. The most important qualities of our logistics partners are quality and reliability. Their own quality department guarantees that they meet the highest standards. Of course they are also all in possession of all required quality certification for the food processing and animal feed industries.


For our logistics services, we employ a number of transport companies that have been our partners for many years. They all have the necessary certification and make use of the latest equipment. This enables us to provide distribution, covered transport, container transport and bulk transportation.

Forward contracts

In addition to delivery in the near future, we can also provide for your raw materials requirements in the long-term. We sign contracts at various agreed periods, completely according to your needs. This enables us to fix and guarantee the prices, quantities and availability for you.

Market information and advice

Due to our international network and years of experience, we can inform you about the current market situation and predictions. Bearing in mind your activities, products and needs, we will work together with you to find the correct price, the appropriate quality and the best time to buy and sell.


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